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AKS Text Replacer 2.0

A program designed to automate the process of search and replace text
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AKS Text Replacer is a versatile “search and replace” tool that will allow you to perform multiple and accurate text replacements while taking care of the integrity of your original data. This utility comes with a series of interesting options focused on two main objectives – to locate and replace exactly the character string you are looking for, and to safeguard your data by providing preview and backup options.

This is the perfect tool for those in need of secure and multiple text replacements. The program can locate and change any text not only inside any number of documents or text files, but also in names of any files and/or folders. Of course, only those files and documents whose text can be searched and replaced will be correctly handled by this tool – PDF files, for instance, are not eligible, regardless of the fact that they these files often are text documents.

AKS Text Replacer will provide you with a wide range of options and settings that will allow you build extremely accurate search expressions. Thus, you can select or exclude specific file formats, folders, or group of folders and sub-folders. You can also include special characters in your searches, like line breaks, tabs, and decimal or HEX coded symbols. You can include various “text groups” in a single search, and perform various replacements within the same file in just one go. To help you narrow your searches and avoid changing the wrong file, you can limit your target documents by making them fit specific dates, times, number of bytes, or periods of time.

As if this was not enough, you can always preview the proposed change before executing it. And for those who are dealing with very sensitive data, it is recommended that they make use of its built-in backup functionality, and/or the option to not overwrite any file and make all changes in custom copies of the original files.

Finally, it is worth knowing that all of these changes can be saved in a BAT file for future reuse, a especially useful feature when a large number of changes, and of files and folders are involved.

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  • Wizard-like, well-structured interface
  • Accurate search and replace utility with preview functionality
  • Secure text replacement with backup and "duplicate file" options


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